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Welcome to Claws and Jaws

Here at Claws and Jaws we offer a wide range of services to enable you to receive the Best animal experience that is Fun, Educational and Informative. We focus on quality and are able to deliver the greatest possible experience from our years of experience. Please click on one of the tabs above to select you animal experience!

Birthday PartiesSchool TalksTV and MediaStatic DisplaysPhoto Courses 

Birthday Parties

We have two birthday party packages available which we hope will full fill any requirements you may have. The main emphasis is on providing the most Fun, Educational and Informative and Hands on party possible. You also have the choice of which animals will come and visit you.

The first package we offer is 1 hour long. This is aimed at younger audiences or those who have a shorter time scale available to them. The hour is broken down in to two main sections.

The First half an hour is a talk to the children. The talk is designed to be fun, educational and informative with lots of audience participation. We are able to tailor our talk to cover any topics that you would like to include such as where in the world the animals come from or how they survive in the wild.

The second section of the party is a hands on experience during which the children will all have the chance to handle a few of their favorite animals.

The second package we offer is very similar to the hour long package, however, this package includes an extra 30 minutes with Frodo our red tailed hawk. There will be a short talk to teach the children a little bit about him, after this the children will all have the opportunity to hold, stroke and possibly even fly him!

School Talks

We have had a large amount of experience giving talks at schools. Out talks topics are completely up to you, we are able to tailor the talk to suit any subject that your class has been studying such as geography or science. We are able to give the most factually correct educational talks possible through the continual study for my BSC (H) Animal Management Degree.

Not only will we be able to give an informed talk, the children will all have the opportunity to get up close and personal to a few of their favorite animals.

TV and Media

All of our animals are available for use within the media, whether it is a photo shoot, TV commercial or magazine article. We will use our past experience of providing animals to CITV and the BBC to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service possible. Please feel free to take a look at our photo section and find the animals you wish to use, we are also able to source other creatures upon request.

Static Displays

Our static displays are designed to entertain and educate visitors. We are able to offer visitors the chance to get up close and personal to some amazing animals. You have a choice of animals that you would like to visit, from snakes to scorpions and birds of prey to lizards. All visitors will be entertained and educated about the animals whilst they are able to view and hold them. We are able to provide 2 packages that we have named 'animal encounter' and 'face your phobias'. These packages are designed to cater for every situation/budget available.

Photo Courses

We have teamed up with professional photographers to create the best photographic course available, all based around very different and interesting subjects such as the famous and very photogenic red eyed tree frog.

We will re-create the animals' natural habitat to all you to receive the most naturalistic photos as possible.

Our courses run for two hours which will allow you to spend time getting the best photos possible to show off!

If you would prefer not to come along to one of our photo courses we also run photographic days that will allow you to take whichever photos you would like, however you like. These sessions also run for 2 hours, they are also based on a one to one basis to allow you to get the best vantage point.

Animal Experience

Claws and Jaws are pleased to announce that we will be attending Trosley country park near Meopham, Kent with our animals to give you and your children the chance to have an amazing animal encounter! We will be set within the visitor centre with animals such as birds of prey, snakes, spiders and much more! The claws and jaws animal experience is a fantastic day out for the family, the experience lasts for two hours during which you will have the chance to learn something new about some amazing creatures such as the three eyed lizard! Following this have a go at handling some of your favourite reptiles from a gecko to a boa constrictor. We will then move on to having a handling session with Frodo our red tailed hawk where you and your children will have the opportunity to handle and possibly even fly him. We will then move on to the final part of the experience where you will be able to take photos of yourselves with your favourite animal to take home as a memento. Once you've been amazed by the animals you will then be able to wander around the country parks woodland and beautiful chalk downs with great amenities such as a cafe and toilets.

Tickets to come along and see the animals are £40 per child (plus £2 for all day parking, mum and dad go free)